Code of Conduct

STAYING ON CAMPUS:   The Turin Centre is an international training and learning institution guided by the values and principles of the United Nations Charter and the ILO Constitution.

Respect for human rights, democracy, transparency, equality, diversity, and dialogue as a means of solving problems, underpins all our work and activities.

The following tips are intended to ensure that your stay here at the campus is a pleasant, safe and rewarding learning experience.

A MULTILINGUAL ENVIRONMENT:   One of the unique features of the campus is its multilingual dimension. Communicating across linguistic boundaries is an enriching experience but it can also be a challenging one. Misunderstandings can easily arise as certain nuances may be “lost in translation”.

Communication problems can usually be overcome with courtesy and patience. If you do experience any problems, staff members are available to assist and promote good communications.

A MULTICULTURAL ENVIRONMENT:   The campus is a multicultural environment and this diversity enriches the learning experience.  Integral to this multicultural environment is respect and tolerance in relation to differences in race, colour, gender, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin, physical abilities, sexual orientation, age.

THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT:   The physical and natural environment of the campus is enhanced by:

  • maintaining the common areas and the parkland clean and tidy,
  • using the special containers for recycling paper, bottles, cans and plastic located in the coffee lounge, classrooms, coffee break points and hotel halls,
  • returning any surplus documents to the classroom before leaving,
  • saving water: low-flow fixtures are installed in all bathrooms,
  • energy saving: lights automatically turn off and the heating/cooling system turns to low-energy mode when rooms are unoccupied,
  • keeping doors and windows closed when air cooling and heating systems are in use.

HEALTH, SAFETY AND SECURITY:   To ensure that the campus is secure, safe and healthy for all, the following measures have been introduced:

  • no smoking inside buildings,
  • prior authorization for any guests brought onto the campus,
  • safes in rooms for safe-keeping valuable personal items,
  • zero tolerance for any form of sexual harassment,
  • fire safety rules and evacuation plans posted in all rooms, classrooms and common areas on campus,
  • trained, professional security staff responsible for security on campus: in case of an emergency, collaborate with them and follow their instructions,
  • small electric appliances (water boilers, irons, etc.) or candles should not be used in rooms, and
  • food should not be brought into rooms.